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Particle Photon

This little marvel arrived today from SparkFun … a Particle Photon.

For no particular reason, here it is compared with an old Finnish 10 markka, South African 10c, Albanian 20 leke and an Aussie $1 coin.

2016-02-11 19.32.39-1

I'd forgotten I'd ordered it … and first thought it was just a WiFi module for Arduino. Then I realised it was a full micro controller with WiFi built-in. Wha … ?!

Not sure what I'll do with it yet. More for experimenting to see what it can do.

One idea, maybe. A tiny panic/distress alarm you can carry in your pocket when you're somewhere alone. Press a button and, as it's connected to the cellular network via your phone's WiFi, it will send a geo-tagged, pre-determined Tweet, SMS, FaceBook status and/or make a phone call. It can then also start recording audio, uploading every 30s