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Foggy Morning!

It was a foggy start to the day here in Sydney. Checking my little clock/weather station it looks like low temperature & high humidity in the early morning might be a good indicator:

2016-02-16 07.28.54-1

Foggy mornings are nice for photography, but I need to get up early in order to make the trip to somewhere interesting before Sunrise … like the Sydney Harbour Bridge:


File 12-07-2015 13 51 07

So another idea for my Particle Photon - my first idea was to hook up a PIR sensor so I'd get a notification if there was movement in my garage.

My second idea is to hook up a temperature/humidity sensor as well. If it detects high humidity early in the morning (say, a few hours before local sunrise) then send a notification to my phone to get my lazy arse out of bed.

As the Photon has several inputs, I can have it monitoring several things at once for me.

Starting to get more excited about the possibilities of this little computer.