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Gotto Time

This is my most ambitious project from about three years ago.

I wanted to create a 'wall clock' for my workspace in the garage. It would do the following:

  • Initialise the current local time via NTP,
  • Store the result to a battery-backed real-time clock,
  • Check the current temperature (and humidity),
  • Alternately output the time & date and then the temperature & humidity via two four-digit seven-segment LED displays,
  • And finally, upload the data to my website so I can lazily check the temperature in the garage from anywhere in the world!

I had a breadboard version pretty much working. The hard-wired version was about 80% complete when I got bored (about three years ago).

This is the state it's been in for a while - pretty much done except for the LED display wiring.

It's in two parts - the 'shield' that I'm building sitting on-top a Freetronics EtherTen.

Grotto Time

This is how it will look when assembled:

Grotto Time, assembled

And this is the underside view - you can see the LEDs haven't been soldered in yet:

Grotto Time, underside

I had some issues fitting all the code into the 32kB available - I think I had to exclude the NTP code as I originally developed it on an EtherMega or something.

Anyway, it was working! The webpage were the data was uploaded is still 'working' … just waiting for new data:


Let's see if I can get it working!