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Grotto Time, part 5

Upload to my website is finally working again - it only took my website just over three weeks to tell me what they changed that stopped it working (despite me telling them what I was trying to send and the exact minute it stopped working). Anyway …

So, it's allowed me to start working on it again.

I've added dew point estimation - this uses the temperature and relative humidity to estimate the dew point. It's a good measure of how humid the day feels. Also, when the ambient temperature is within a few degrees of the dew point, fog will form. It's sometimes nice to photograph the sunrise when it's foggy! So this will help warn me when it might be a foggy morning.

This information is now also uploaded to my website.

In addition, I've also added approximate sunrise & sunset times for my location in Sydney. The times are displayed on the LCD and change during the day - if it's after sunrise, then it will display today's sunset and tomorrow's sunrise. If it's after sunset, then it will display both times for tomorrow.

This is also uploaded to my website.

2016-03-06 19.18.44-1