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Grotto Time, part 4

The sensor data upload to this website now seems to be running quite smoothly - the 'clock' uploads its data every minute or so, and the page auto-refreshes every 30s.


I've also revised the shield I made with the sensors - I've removed the DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor as I thought it was probably too close to the WizNet chip on the Arduino board, thereby skewing the readings. I had another one lying around from my very early Arduino experimenting - it was already on a length of wire so was perfect. I could move the sensor away from the board and place it somewhere else.


With the space freed up by removing the sensor from the board, I added a light-dependent resistor. This would both give additional data to upload as well as controlling the LCD backlight. When it's dark in the garage (i.e. lights are off and I've gone to bed) then the backlight will automatically switch off - video testing it. I've also added an additional screen of information showing the RTC's battery level and the LDR/ambient light level.

2016-02-04 16.54.04

So, this project is pretty much complete - two-three days in total, both hardware and software! The Arduino code is a bit messy and not optimised, but it works! Cleaning it up will be the next step. But first, I just need to figure where I'm going to mount it in my workspace. And come winter time, I'll be able to check the temperature outside on my phone whilst still hiding under the covers!