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Grotto Time, part 3

There's one small design flaw I can see already.

The AM2302/DHT22 temperature sensor (white one on the right below) is not far from the WizNet chip that handles the Ethernet connectivity on the Arduino.

GrottoTime shield

This chip generates a bit of heat, and so will probably be skewing the temperature measurements.

Not a big deal - I can move the sensor off the shield and place it a short distance away, connected via wires. This should give a more accurate reading. And it will free-up space on the shield for a light-dependent resistor, perhaps, to automatically switch the LCD backlight off when I've switched the lights off and gone to bed … ? At the moment I can toggle the backlight on/off with the keypad select button.

Before I sort that out though, I've incorporated the web upload code again … and it appears to be working … intermittently. Still need to iron the kinks out.

And I'm working on adding some automatic DST handling too - here in NSW, DST starts on the first Sunday in October and finishes on the first Sunday in April. So shouldn't be too hard to come up with a routine to decide whether it's on or not.

But you can check the current-ish weather in my garage, aka Nerd Grotto, by visiting the page here: