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GameBoy Camera to iPhone

This is a little project I started on a few years ago.

I thought it might be "cool" to take photos on my GameBoy Camera and upload them to Instagram on my iPhone.

To do this, I'd need an Arduino to emulate a GameBoy Printer. It would capture the image data "printed" by the GameBoy and then upload it to my iPhone's Camera Roll.

2016-02-06 14.34.23

This would give me experience in implementing arbitrary serial protocols, interfacing the Arduino with my iPhone (originally by RedPark serial cable, but maybe using Bluetooth instead?), and writing a simple iOS application.

I got started on it - cutting a GameBoy serial cable in half and creating a little breakout board. I'd done my research and found people had done something similar, but using a GameBoy Printer on the Arduino rather than using the Arduino as the printer. So I had somewhere to start.

Using my oscilloscope, I could confirm the INIT sequence being sent by the GameBoy but I got stuck trying to send the ACK. So I lost interest.

2016-02-07 07.18.42

But after being re-invigorated in my tinkering and inventing (maybe my family won't be forced to emigrate?!?), I'm having another crack at it.

Doing some more research today, I found someone who implemented something similar to what I want … roughly around the time I was working on it!

Of course, the serial protocol is very similar to SPI. That simplifies things!

Let's see how I go …