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In Memoriam DSE

It's a little sad to see Dick Smiths (formerly Dick Smiths Electronics) fail and all the shops closed. I'd only been in a Dick Smiths shop a few months ago to try and purchase a pack of blank CD-Rs (as I wanted to burn some MP3 CDs for my car) - I'd already been in JB HiFi (my normal first port-of-call) and they didn't stock them (am I that old?), so had tried the Dick Smiths store - they also didn't stock them. I never really understood what the purpose of the Dick Smiths stores were - there was nothing compelling.

So I'd not been in one of them since the late 90s (before I left Australia for my stint overseas) - during my uni days I had a few friends who worked at our local DSE store in Underwood. I actually found reference to that store opening when flicking through an old Australian electronics magazine (also long since closed or absorbed by other publications):

File 23-04-2016, 13 49 38

Flicking through other old magazines, it's amazing to see the sheer number of ads that DSE used to place every month. Man, I wish I could've afforded this electronics hobby back then - so many "cool" (i.e. retro) bits of kit … even something I've been hunting for, a hexadecimal keypad. Anyway.

I've also discovered a "mint" kit that I purchased in DSE back in the 90s - the intention was so I could run my Sony DIscMan in the car. For some reason I never got around to building it

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I also still have the Fun Way Into Electronics books …

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