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Upgrading my Early 2009 Mac Pro's RAM

After upgrading the CPUs, the RAM was still registered at 1066MHz. After some research, I found that resetting the PRAM (i.e. NVRAM these days) should get them running at the faster 1333MHz speed.

I tried it once … holding down Command () + Option () + P + R … during restart until you hear the startup tone (indicating the HW is okay).

It didn't seem to help. But, re-reading carefully … you need to keep holding it down until you hear the tone a second time (duh!).

Now the RAM is registered and running at 1333MHz!

Running GeekBench 4.0.1 I now get the following scores:

Single-Core Score

Multi-Core Score

Not a massive improvement, but hey … if the memory can do it, you might as well increase their speed!