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Average Speed Calculator, part 5

Got myself a simple mobile phone holder - this one attaches to the air vents.

2016-03-21 14.49_800px

I checked the GPS coordinates it was giving me in Google Maps … pretty accurate.

Here's a shot when I was stationary at the traffic lights - this shows the speed & altitude display. The speed seemed accurate compared with my car's speedo - it was reporting about 10% more than the car's speedo, which I know under-reports by about 10% (a few years of using a TomTom and comparing the speeds).

2016-03-21 14.44_800px

I tried out the average speed calculator - the main purpose for this project - on the drive home from the local shops. I'm planning to take it out onto the motorway over the next few days, with my wife behind the wheel, so I can give it a proper test of the speed averaging, etc. whilst the wife concentrates on the driving.

2016-03-21 14.49-1_800px

As noted earlier, I already have a few ideas for the "Rev. B" prototype - I might make a few of those tweaks (LED blinking for GPS data reception, replacing the LCD contrast pot. with a fixed resistor). Let's see.