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Port Macquarie, Jan 2016

The family just got back from four nights in Port. We stayed near Lighthouse Beach the first night, and Flynn's Beach the following three nights. We love Port - it's been a long term plan to move there from Sydney. One day!

Lighthouse Beach

I tried to capture the four planets over Port just before sunrise - if you can believe it, this is Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus (diagonally from top left to bottom right), taken on Lighthouse Beach. The Tacking Point Lighthouse is the light at the bottom middle.

2016-01-24 04.35.18

I quite liked this one - this is just Venus, again from Lighthouse Beach:

2016-01-24 04.53.00

The four planets also from Tacking Point Lighthouse, with bonus satellite:

2016-01-24 05.24.35

Looking out over Lighthouse Beach from Tacking Point - the rocks in the distance are where I took the photo of Venus.

2016-01-24 13.17.52

Places stayed: