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4K Ultra HD titles

Cool - didn't realise that these would soon be available! Of course, you need to get a new Blu-Ray player. Compared to the normal Blu-Ray they seem to be quite reasonably priced.

For The Martian, at least, it's "Digital HD" rather than "Ultraviolet" (that I could never get to work). At least with these titles you can get an iTunes download code - unfortunately, the Ultraviolet seems to be more prevalent. If I have the choice between downloading in HD on iTunes (usually cheaper and released earlier) or getting it on Blu-Ray with "Digital HD" (a few dollars more and released later) then I'd probably wait for the Blu-Ray version. The picture looks better and you get the iTunes version "for free" anyway. But if the Blu-Ray version is "Ultraviolet" then I'll just stick with the iTunes download.


The Martian UltraHD

(image from Amazon website)